About Us

This Action called EUSpec brings together the expertise of experts working in the science of advanced materials in order to build a coherent theory and computing platform with a new common data format to model sophisticated spectroscopy experiments performed at advanced radiation sources (ARS) as well as at academic and industrial research laboratories. Complementary theoretical approaches will allow to deal with a wide variety of materials. Ultimately, the accurate interpretation of spectroscopies will provide the means to access the intimate origin of the macroscopic behavior of materials, for which a detailed knowledge of the electronic, magnetic and geometrical structure at the atomic level is a prerequisite. The platform established through this Action will be widely available to academic as well as industrial users. Close contact with them will be kept through an extensive webpage, a series of workshops and a network of contact points at European synchrotron radiation (SR), X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) centers and neutron sources (NS). As the Action primarily aims at coordinating and synchronizing on-going developments and research activities as well as enhancing the interaction between theory and experiment in the wider field of spectroscopy, COST is the most suitable framework to reach these goals.

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