How to join the action

If your institution belongs to one of the COST countries:

1. Check if your country has accepted the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
2a. If yes, decide if you would like to become a Management Committee (MC)                   member or just a Working Group (WG) member.
2b. If no, please contact your National Coordinator who will initiate the procedure for your country to accept the MoU and advise you on the procedure to join the Action. Once the process is initiated, it is recommended to inform the Action Chair.    
3. If you would like to become a MC member, check if there are empty positions for your country. The maximum number of slots is two for MC members and two for MC substitute members per country. If there are available positions, contact your National Coordinator to advice you on the process. It is also recommended to inform the Action Chair once the process is initiated. 
4. If you would like to become a WG member, please fill in the registration form. After your registration has been approved (this can take a day or two) you will be informed by email on the next steps.


Who We Are and What We Do

EUSpec is a COST action which brings together the expertise of experts from different fields of science such as physics, chemistry, and biology who are working on advanced materials in order to build a coherent theory and computing platform with a new common data format to model sophisticated spectroscopy experiments performed at advanced radiation sources (ARS) as well as at academic and industrial research laboratories. 

In this action theoretical and experimental scientists work hand in hand to improve the theoretical description of spectroscopy experiments, interpret experimental results, and develop new experiments. For more details see the description of the working groups 1-5.




EUSpec is a network for gathering activities in theoretical spectroscopy to offer high level support for complex spectroscopy experiments within academic, applied, and industrial research


(Green areas: Countries which have already joined the EUSpec COST action. The international partner country Japan is not visible on the map.)


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