Interband plasmons in supported graphene on metal substrates: theory and experiment

A. Politano, I. Radović, D. Borka, Z. L. Mišković, and G. Chiarello

Carbon 96, 91 (2016)

π and σ electrons and an empirical Drude–Lorentz model in the local approximation for metal substrates. The electronic response from the visible to the ultraviolet frequency range has been nicely reproduced for MLG/Pt(111) and MLG/Ru(0001). For graphene nanodomes on Ru(0001), the loss function of valleys shows an additional mode at 8–9 eV. By contrast, this models fails for the case of MLG/Ni(111), presumably due to the strong hybridization between the π states of graphene and the d bands of Ni, which is not accounted for in the model.