WAM LLN WG2 agenda

Agenda working group 2

• Someone to collect notes and write the minutes

• Goals of WG2:

“First steps for an adequate description of the new experimental developments have been made, but further work is urgently needed and is a central issue of this COST action.” Development of theoretical description of new experimental development.
Common platform (on web):
Input: type of sample, spectroscopy output: program to use

Or viceversa etc.

Another goal: program compatibility (for example transferable pseudopotentials from a code to another one etc)

• Map of who is working with which development. Which type of materials (molecules, bulk, both....), which implementations.

• How to establish the contacts among these groups? Common platform /webpage, meetings) and what kind of collaboration is desired (exp+theo, theo+theo etc.

• Monitoring task, pick specific test studies : “In order to monitor improvements and differences in the various spectroscopy codes the WG 2 will define and install a common set of test cases (bench mark data sets) for a wide range of spectroscopic calculations”

• Experimentalists and theorists in wg2. Map, contacts.

• Mailing list of wg 2

• How to proceed in the next meeting?

• Which are the wg’s we need to mainly interact with?

• practical aspect: budget submitted, money questions

• contacts with other actions? Nanospectroscopy etc.