WAM LLN WG1 agenda

17th of September 2014, Louvain la Neuve

agenda for WG1:

-- Welcome

-- Establishing of communication between various already existing communities working on correlation effects (multi-channel CI, DMFT, GW, Bethe-Salpeter)

-- Finding the most efficient way of transferring recent achievements in the field into available spectroscopy codes (WG2).

-- Possible GUI to be used with connection to correlations

-- HOC 2015: Which codes shell we present (SPR-KKR, Haverkorth, Wien2k, Yamboo, deGroot ...)

-- release of until know non-public features of multiple scattering codes (e.g. DMFT, multi-channel CI) to broad experimental community
by user friendly interface and wiki-like manual.

-- Benchmarking of DMFT as implemented in LAPW and multiple scattering codes

-- Which materials shell we propose to WG5 for measurements